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Savon de Wolff

Handcrafted Skincare & More


Body Lotion

Silky and nourishing body lotion gives your skin everything it needs to be soft and moisturized.



Luxurious, handcrafted soap made with simple and wholesome ingredients that gently cleanses your skin without leaving it feeling dry.


Solid Perfume

Perfume with a twist! Handy for on-the-go without the delicacy of the glass bottles.


Solid Cologne

Perfect for on-the-go cologne


Sugar Scrub

Treat your skin with this gentle, exfoliating sugar scrub that leaves your body lightly moisturized.


Lip Balm

Luscious and silky smooth, your lips will stay soft and hydrated.


Wooden Soap Savers

Add a soap saver to your purchase to prolong the life of your soap.


A Dream Awakened

As a stay at home mom, I wanted to contribute in a way that I could stay home but also contribute financially. I found something I love to do, while also being successful as a business. Being a mother and a business owner is something I can take a lot of pride in.

Our Mission

What is good for your skin is also good for our planet.

My mission is to create beautiful, handcrafted skincare that is made with simple and wholesome ingredients. Papers and plastic that are used are made from recycled material. All of my ingredients are ethically sourced, cruelty free, eco friendly as well as vegan ( beeswax alternates now being used ). Knowing you’re a part of caring for this beautiful planet help eases your mind and heart while taking care of your skin.